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This Moment is All We Have

By Kim Weeber. Mindfulness, Sati, is one of the key teachings of the Buddha. It’s one of the first things we hear about when we learn about Buddhism or meditation. Mindfulness is one of the Factors of Awakening, and is part of the Eightfold Path which can lead us to freedom from suffering. But how […]

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What is True Freedom?

By Kim Weeber. Freedom. Independence or interdependence? Has anybody been reflecting on these concepts over the last few days? I have been visiting family in Pennsylvania where we watched the annual Fourth of July parade, followed by a delightful family picnic gathering. I could feel the stirrings of “patriotism” as people around me clapped for […]

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The Change of Seasons

By Kim Weeber. The winter solstice is almost upon us, and snow is in the forecast for tomorrow. It often seems like a shock to notice the darker days, feel the cold air and see the snow flakes when we have just been enjoying sunshine and longer days. It is always interesting to me how […]

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Gratitude for the day

By Kim Weeber. Thanksgiving has been my favorite holiday for many years. Focusing on the abundance in my life, instead of what is not going well is a prescription for being happier. So, yesterday I awoke with a feeling of gratitude and decided to start the day by sharing my happiness with my friends. I […]

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