Photography as Meditation Practice

By Kim Weeber. On Saturday, we held an outdoor photography retreat at Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary. Now, you might think that this was about learning how to take better pictures. Of course, that is something that we would all like to be able to do. But, how is it to use photography as a mindfulness practice? […]

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Practicing with Ease

We learn more easily in an environment where we feel safe, supported and at ease. And this includes the environment we set up for meditation. We can choose a posture which is relatively comfortable, and still allows us to be alert. Noticing body sensations which are already pleasant and relaxed can set the stage for […]

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Reasons for Listening

by Devin (Practice Leader) Reasons for Listening We all know that hearing is one of the five senses gifted to us at birth, yes?  Usually.  Not always. There were quite a few deaf family members among my relatives as I grew up.  My dad was one; he contracted measles in his teenage years and went […]

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Frozen Buddha

By Devin (Practice Leader) I took this picture years ago, with a chuckle, in a moment of appreciating the equanimity of Buddha no matter what is happening.  Coming across it again during our challenging midwinter cold, I thought about the teaching that one way of reaching equanimity is by viewing our thoughts the same way […]

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